About Us

About Us

Abuzé (Abew-zay) was born in a bedroom based in south-east Melbourne. Abuzé believes we all share the same deep cravings, too express fully and to be free.

And often overlooked, we believe heels are essential in the expression of your personality, whether it's your alter-ego for the night or a bad lil' vibe you're feeling.


Abuzé is for those who live for the adventure,
your heart is forever young and wild,
you know a good night out can cure anything,
you are free spirited and you're not fond of rules,
you also know there are no mistakes in life, just lessons,
and after all that is said and done you know that life's about the journey
and not the destination

So here's to the ones that are living life to the fullest while remembering to enjoy the ride,
and we're incredibly thankful for you to be a part of Abuzé